The excavation of different levels within a book is very significant to my work. It results in a transition or passage enabling the viewer to see through the book from front to back. When leafing through the pages a microcosm becomes visible.

Having experimented with many different materials, I now tend to prefer various kinds of paper and parchment for my cut-outs.
Especially the use of braille paper can create a desired relief-like impression. The embossed dots allow for more space and light to enter between the pages than would normally be possible in a book. The emphasis is on the sculptural aspect. The image shown acquires a greater plasticity.

The basic impression in all of my books is defined through the interaction of open and closed forms. The absence of material which has been cut out and removed is especially apparent in the technique of the paper-cut. The void, or negative space, is just as important in defining the shape of the paper-cut as the paper which remains in place. The paper from which I have cut the image has become one with the work itself. The book is now a block from which I have carved an image.

Over 300 unique hand-cut books have been produced in this manner. I continue to dissect body and book, hoping to extract ever more aspects of the human condition in our time.

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